Sofia Yala 

Available for commissions and collaborations anytime

Sofia Yala Rodrigues (Lisbon,1994) is a visual artist based between Lisbon and Brighton. She has a special interest in personal stories, colonial fragments and diaspora. 

Graduated in African Studies by the School of Arts & Humanities of the University of Lisbon(Lisbon, 2015). Accordingly to her Degree and interest in visual arts, Sofia started putting it all together and started attending workshops and developing her creative skills.

Sofia has a special approach in every work, the way she takes, or even incorporates its own individual and family identity as a starting point for a reflection on issues of collective relevance.


Artist assistant in Hangar Collective 2018:


She worked with Hangar, in collaboration with the artist Délio Jasse. Working with Archives, creating audio files for his exhibit, selecting material connected with the colonial War. (Hangar,Lisbon,2018)


Catchupa Factory Artist Residency 2018:

The Catchupa Factory initiative is an educational and artistic creation program in the format of artist residency, dedicated to emerging artists and photographers from the Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOP), Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé e Príncipe, Angola and Mozambique (AOJE,Mindelo,2018)

Her exhibitions, residencies & workshops include: 
Creative Workshop l Photography and the Power to Tell Stories - Advisor: Nii Obodai 
(Hangar,Lisbon, 2017)

  Creative Workshop l Photographic Tours - Thinking the Territory (Hangar,Lisboa,2018), 

Re-imagine the Empire. (Anti) colonial projections in the Cinema (Hangar, Lisbon, 2018).